Kayna Cassard

Kayna Cassard, MA, MFT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Venice, CA.  She has been practicing psychotherapy for over 7 years, specializing in sex therapy and also has a background in sexual health education.  Kayna’s mission is to provide couples and individuals with the knowledge and skills to learn how to love themselves and others more deeply.  As a therapist and sexual health educator, she provides individuals and couples the fundamentals of creating healthy intimacy and more effective communication.  Additionally, she has training in trauma reprocessing and healing through the use of one’s body and breath.  Kayna believes that talk therapy can only take us so far, and that the use of the body is essential for healing, growth and living a more optimal life.  Her practice of AcroYoga for almost 3 years has provided a deeper understanding of this concept and she wants to assist others in reaching their potential through the play, communication, and intimacy that AcroYoga can bring.  For individual, couples, and group psychotherapy you can get more information at her site www.KaynaCassard.com

Dominick Cole

Dominick Cole, has 600 hours of yoga teacher training, has practiced AcroYoga for over 4 years, and has a personal study in nervous system functioning and human anatomy.  He teaches yoga and AcroYoga classes and private lessons with the mission of bringing a deeper understanding of body and mind awareness to the practitioner.  Dominick is a trauma-informed yoga practitioner who believes that healing trauma comes from the body-mind connection.  With this belief, he teaches AcroYoga students to enable communication around what they experience by tapping into physical senses and emotions throughout the practice.  His personal practice of yoga, AcroYoga, and touch therapeutics has developed his intuition to locate trauma and stuck energy in the body and mind.  Dominick's mission in sharing his knowledge is to assist others in becoming the teachers of thier own senses in the hopes toward self-empowerment of releasing trauma and finding healing.  You can contact Dominick for yoga, acroyoga, and Thai Yoga privates, group sessions, performances and events.