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AcroYoga Play & Intimacy Skills Workshop


Shape 90291 - Yoga Room
1411 Lincoln Blvd, Suite C
Venice, Ca 90291


  • Early Bird: $100 per pair
  • Regular Tickets: $120 per pair
  • Day of Ticket: $140



Do I need to sign up with a partner? 
Yes. Since the curricula is designed for pairs, you will need a partner.

Is it ok if my partner is not my significant other? 
Yes! Intimacy exists in more relationships than just between significant others, so feel free to bring a friend you feel comfortable with. You'll be able to take the skills you learn with you to other relationships, too!

What are my parking options for the event? 
Parking Lot behind building

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? 
You can email us at acroyogatherapy@yahoo.com

Is my registration/ticket transferrable? 
Yes, just send us an email to acroyogatherapy@yahoo.com letting us know who you are transferring the ticket to and CC them in the email.

What is the refund policy?
100% refund up until a week before the event
50% refund within one week of the event
No refunds within 24 hours of the event


What you'll experience:

  • Warm up: verbal and non-verbal trust building exercises that can translate into building trust in everyday interactions with others.

  • Acroyoga session: Learning communication skills that will be explained and taught using beginner level acroyoga exercises and poses, with the hopes of teaching participants ways to communicate with each other on and off the mat.  

  • Thai yoga and tantra: A focus on opening the heart chakras and using touch, connection, breath, and gentle feedback to allow you and your partner to experience sensuality.

  • "Aphrodisiac" Snacks provided: During a break, light snacks will be provided highlighting foods that ignite the sensual self. 

More details:

Let’s play! As adults, our lives become so focused on work and responsibilities that we often forget to take a moment to have fun with others. Incorporating play into your life is one of the most recommended “prescriptions” therapists offer to those seeking to improve their lives and relationships. Through this workshop, we will be using the components of acroyoga as a vehicle for participants to have new ways to experience trust, learn communication and conflict resolutions skills, and using body connection and breath to experience healthy intimacy. 

Not just for couples! While this workshop seems to be directed toward those in a partnership, intimacy comes in all shapes and sizes.  If you want to learn these skills and how to incorporate play more into your life, but aren’t currently in a partnership or your partner is not attending, bring a bestie! All of our exercises will be applicable to those in partnership as well as those who are close friends. 

Extend the play beyond the workshop: In each section of the day you will receive practical skills that are applicable to the everyday world, as well as in the practice of acroyoga.  There will be take home handouts given as well as at home exercises for you to continue to practice your new skills in acroyoga, thai yoga, tantra, communication, conflict resolution and trust-building. 

Intent to create safety: Another important aspect in creating and maintaining intimacy is having safety.  We will be creating a container of security through the skills taught in communication as well as safe spotting while learning the acroyoga poses.  Groups of four will be working together so there is always a pair supporting your growth and keeping you safe as you engage in the acroyoga portions of the class.

What to bring:

  • Mats, blankets, cushions - although some mats and blankets will be provided, we want you to create an intentional space of comfort for you and your partner (or bestie). So please bring your own blankets, cushions, throws, or mats that will allow you to settle into an intimate space more easily.
  • "Yoga clothing" - wear something comfortable that will allow you to stretch.

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