Dominick and Kayna are passionate about teaching the subtleties and fine-tuning components of acroyoga.  When students have these foundational skills, the practice that they build is sturdy and allows for more effortless creativity.  To them, the importance of AcroYoga is about the connection with the partner and about truly learning the language of AcroYoga.  With these foundational skills, students learn how to integrate these skills into their everyday life, creating more mindful interactions with oneself and with others.

Here are some ideas of ways you can bring AcroYoga into your life:

  • therapeutics - the instructor uses your body weight, gravity and their body to massage, release pressure points and provide traction to the body

  • beginner's private training sessions - learn the foundational skills as well as the poses in AcroYoga

  • intermediate/advanced private training sessions - learning how to flow with embodied and precises technique to create a solid practice

  • semi-private - get a few friends or some couples together to learn AcroYoga in a safe and fun way, like a new Sunday fun-day tradition!

  • groups - a great option for offices or other parties, for groups lager than 6