Healthy intimacy and genuine connection require significant groundwork. While that sounds complicated, the formula is as simple as learning how to be present with yourself and also with someone else.  Safety, communication, playfulness and trust are foundational skills AcroYoga teaches that will expand the learning of intimacy for on and off the mat connection.

With Sex Therapist, Kayna Cassard, and Yoga/AcroYoga Instructor Dominick Cole, you can learn the nuances of intimacy through AcroYoga, touch, and breath.  Instruction in workshops, weekend intensives, and private sessions is influenced by research-based neuroscience and psychology of romance, intimacy, and sensuality.

  • Delight in play
  • Explore sensuality
  • Deepen intimacy
  • Find romance
  • Ignite passion
  • Get adventurous

As adults, couples often forget what made them fall in love.  Through Kayna and Dominick's encouragement of playfulness, couples are guided into partner exercises and AcroYoga poses with elements of laughter and joy that is felt when first falling in love.  This light-heartedness creates space in the heart where passion and sensuality can grow.

If you and your partner want to take it a step further in your romance and sensuality, Dominick and Kayna can provide guidance on specific poses and flows that can be brought into the bedroom to bring novelty to your sexual relationship.  Not only are you taught the poses, but you will also learn why they can ignite sensuality - there is plenty of neurobiology that indicates physical exercises in partnership can increase libido, stamina, and excitement into your playtime.

Whether it is your first time trying AcroYoga or you are a seasoned pro, you can learn to enhance your experience and grow in deeper ways.