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"Kayna and Dominick are a powerful teaching duo, combining an extensive background in therapy with a deep knowledge of yoga and movement. The best part however is the joy with which they bring you through the curriculum, using AcroYoga as a metaphor for relationship difficulties and eventually a training ground for addressing those challenges lovingly and conscientiously." - J.R.


"Kayna and Dominick's workshop was insightful and really fun! Although my partner and I already have an Acroyoga practice, it was really great to experience the subtleties of communication they brought to the table in a lighthearted and entertaining way. Kayna and Dominick also have a great dynamic that's infectious -- you'll have to see for yourself!" - M.V.

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“I learned more about myself than I realized that I needed to. But even more exciting was how much I learned about my partner.  We found techniques to explore our sensuality in really fun and new ways!” - G.C.